We grow ware potatoes for the pre-pack market. We sell our potatoes exclusively to Albert Bartlett who supply the major supermarkets. The varieties we grow include Rooster, Vivaldi, Osprey and Marabel. Potatoes are stored on site in cold stores at between 2 and 3 degrees celsius so that we can provide an all year round supply. 




Soft Fruit

We grow strawberries, raspberries and blueberries and market these through Angus Growers co-operative. Angus Growers currently use Angus Soft Fruits to carry out the marketing of the fruit to the major supermarkets. Angus Soft Fruits Ltd also develop new fruit varieties, namely Islay strawberries and AVA Sunrise raspberries, which we grow due to their superior taste over standard varieties such as Elsanta and Sonata. 


We are currently one of only four farms in Scotland to grow and sell blackcurrants to Suntory for the production of Ribena.  About 400 tonnes (which is equivalent to every 40th bottle of Ribena sold in the UK) of blackcurrants are mechanically harvested annually.



We grow spring barley, winter wheat and spring oats in our rotation. We market all of our cereals through East of Scotland Farmers Ltd. George McLaren is currently the chairman of EOSF. Spring barley is the predominant cereal crop and is grown for the malting market, ending up in many of Scotland’s fine Whiskies. 




In 2013 we added a new enterprise to the farm by building state of the art sheds for broiler production. The sheds have been built to meet RSPCA Freedom Food Standards and are suitable for rearing chickens to be sold in premium high welfare supermarket lines.

The sheds are heated by biomass and use a heat exchanger to maximise energy efficiency.

We sell to Hook2Sisters and the meat is processed locally at Coupar Angus. 


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